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McCarter Government Solutions, LLC is a full-service, bipartisan public affairs firm specializing in government relations and lobbying. Principal Brian McGlinchey, manages a network of federal and state consultants who have held high-level political positions in both the Republican and Democratic parties, and have managed and played active roles in political campaigns at the federal, state and local levels. We help align our clients with officials and institutions who can assist selected representatives, the executive branch, regulators, local governments, advocacy groups and others. Our clients have the benefit of our expertise in public policy areas including appropriations, banking, development finance, gaming, economic development, education, energy, health care, labor relations, pharmaceuticals, procurement, public finance, technology and transportation, to name a few.

At McCarter Government Solutions, we will work with you to determine the most successful approach to your advocacy needs, using a structured methodology to develop and carry out a winning strategy, including:

Our Approach
Judgment informed by experience. These words are all at once the hallmark of government relations professionals and the primary resource we bring to bear on behalf of our clients. We provide practical, real world insight into the motivations of government regulators and legislators, and the decision making processes that can affect your business. At McCarter Government Solutions, our core proficiency is in ten areas of representation:

Executive and Legislative Branch Lobbying
We lobby and represent our clients' positions before the executive and legislative branches for assistance with specific, issue-related projects. Our strength is in our ability to identify, and gain access to, the key individuals who should be educated regarding our clients' issues.

Development Finance
We put our extensive, best-in-class contacts to work, connecting our clients to capital sources and "building the capital stack." Examples include:

Procurement Lobbying
Through our contacts with legislators, Federal, state and local officials and regulatory agencies, we help organizations obtain government contracts or funding, or to conduct business with government agencies. We understand the politics and red tape of the bid process as well as the functionality of various agencies, and we help our clients identify the most appropriate approach to transacting business with government offices.

Local Government Lobbying
Local ordinances and regulations at the city or county level can have a significant impact on a range of business functions including marketing, merchandising, health and safety, and real estate zoning. We have helped clients in the retailing, manufacturing, service and other sectors through these issues and hurdles.

Regulatory Affairs
We work on your specific administrative issues to educate regulators on the issues affecting your business. With the growth of Federal and state bureaucracy, it is more important than ever to educate regulators and opinion leaders on the impact of their decisions.

Our team counsels businesses ranging in size from emerging entities to Fortune 500 companies on antitrust, appropriations, communications, education, health care and intellectual property issues. We represent businesses before regulators and analyze and advocate in developing legislation and associated regulations. Our work ranges from significant legislative and regulatory activity to representation before Congress and Federal regulatory agencies.

Business Climate Assessment and Monitoring
We will provide you and your organization with accurate and insightful information regarding a state's business climate as well as jurisdiction-specific political developments that may affect your activities. This proactive approach to governmental relations is invaluable in mitigating the risks you and your business face.

Access to Elected Officials and Opinion Leaders
Our clients have the benefit or our relationships with elected officials and opinion leaders to get their interests and issues in front of the right people. By arranging meetings with elected officials, opinion leaders and their staff, we give our clients the opportunity to express their views regarding existing or pending Federal or state legislation at the right time.

We can help you formulate strategies for responding to legislative initiatives and effectuating legislative change. These services include preparation of testimony before legislative committees, drafting legislative and report language and providing introductions to Members of Congress, state legislators and their staffs. We can also monitor legislative developments on issues affecting your business, providing you with timely insight regarding the legislative process. From providing an analysis of pending legislation to coordinating concerted efforts by our contacts at industry groups, companies, and other interested parties, we will give you a voice in the legislative process.

Advocacy in Administrative Rulemaking
Once legislation beneficial to you is enacted into law, it is essential to ensure that it is appropriately implemented by the relevant government agency. We work with Federal and state regulators on your behalf to develop sound governmental policy without creating undue burdens on your industry. We actively participate in rulemaking and other administrative proceedings, including written filings and oral presentations before regulators and their staff.

Issue Advocacy
Many of our clients are involved in the governmental and political processes at the state and Federal levels. We provide in-depth, real-world advice on issue advocacy and legislative campaigns. This guidance extends to partnerships, corporations, their individual employees, and to corporate and non-corporate political action committees ("PACs").


McCarter Government Solutions, LLC has been selected for the 2017 Best of Wilmington Awards for Public Relations Firm